Netswork offers safe and reliable cargo nets.

Our customers can vouch for it!

We have had the opportunity to be part of this new and innovative product. The net has proved to be quited versatile and we have found the product makes hauling of materials a pleasure along with adding a nice touch to the appearance of the truck itself. Everyone who owns a truck should not be without a net.

   -Jeffrey S.
   St. Petersburg, Fl

I would have to say the net is just "handy". I use it more than I ever thought I would and now I wouldn't want to be without it.

 -Aaron Q.
  Denison, TX
We had a little argument here in the parts department... It seems someone"borrowed" the cargo net off of our delivery truck... It's back on our truck now but I wasn't very happy. Besides, we don't do deliveries anymore without it. When we put another truck into delevery service we automatically put a cargo net in it too. We just don't do the old bungee cord and ropes fire-drill when it's time to load up the truck. They ought to be hot sellers. I was hot when I couldn't find mine.

  -Leon S. 
  Clearwater, FL

...Before the use of the cargo net I tied with rope all our deliveries into the bed of the truck. Now within one minute the load is secure no matter what size. The bottom line is that the cargo net pays for itself each and every day.

  -Jim W. 
  St. Petersburg, FL.

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