About Us


     Netswork was founded by Mick Greenway in 2004.  After 15 years of trial and error, Mick found a solution to the the frustrating dilemma of securing and safely transporting cargo in your truck bed. It was during this time that Mick focused on designing a net that was durable and easy to use. 

     Having "worked out of the back of my truck most of my life as a contractor, I tried many nets for securing cargo but always struggled with tangling hooks, less-than durable materials and no where to store the net when not in use." With this in mind, Mick started designing a net that would solve the problems and frustrations associated with using a cargo net. The final product is the Cargo Net by Netswork. 

    Today, Mick makes cargo nets that fit almost any domestic pick-up and most recreational vehicles (i.e., golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, etc.) Using all American-made materials, the nets are made of 1/4 inch shock cord with a unique non-metal fastener that "fits in a stake pocket like a button." 

    For storage purposes the net is shipped with a red mesh storage bag that can also be used as a red caution flag. While making nets that work,  Mick never forgets the struggles he had with other nets over the years. He now provides a unique but practical solution to cargo hauling problems. Mick was determined to open a business that would offer both safety and value to the community. He promises to always provide outstanding service to each customer.

          Questions? Call Mick at 1 866 609-6387.         
We are independently owned and operated!


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